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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A quick and easy form filler

And now for something completely different.  Tired of filling out long forms with your name, address, phone number(s), etc.?  Then check out Roboform, a free download that runs as a toolbar.  I've used it for years.  Fill in your name, phone number, address, etc. and Roboform will save it.  Then, whenever you have a form to be filled, click on the Roboform button and it will complete the form for you automatically.  There are a few other small tricks with RF, but the form filler is the big one.

Note: It will offer you the opportunity to upgrade, but you should be fine with the freebie.

Sorry, no freebies recently. Let me buy you breakfast...

My apologies for the lack of points recently.  In exchange for your forgiveness, I'd like to offer you a box of Quaker Oatmeal Square cereal.  Yes, you need a Facebook account.  If you haven't already, read this post on why you should have a FB account, even if you never use it.

Thanks to for this one.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mypoints: Points for clicking, surveys, other stuff

For many years, I have been using the site Mypoints, a loyalty program of a different kind.  This program gives you points for shopping, surveys, or clicking on the link in targeted advertising.  Points can then be cashed out for a gift card from a number of stores (I just cashed out for a $100 Macy's gift card.).  While the shopping rates aren't quite as good as many of the shopping sites, they do offer frequent bonuses. 

I have the best luck clicking on the link in the targeted ads they send me.  The email will tell you how many points (usually five), if any, you get for clicking on the link.  I only click on the ones that give points.  Often, you will get bonus points for filling out a form, signing up for a free program, etc.  Points are worth just under a penny per.

You won't get rich quick from the site; For that matter, you won't get rich slowly.  But $100 gift cards once or twice a year are kind of nice.

Oh, and since I'm sure somebody will ask, I do not receive anything if you sign up.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Coke Rewards: Update on Double Points

My apologies for the confusion around the 2X point promo.  Apparently, it only applies to Coke Zero.  I learned the hard way.

Sorry about the lack of codes recently, there just hasn't been a lot out there.  Never fear, I am in constant search of points to accumulate free crap.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play My Coke Rewards contests for free (no points required)

Our thanks to bob12403 for this Flyertalk post that details how to play the games/contests on MCR's site without using points.  I have used it on a couple of games, so I'm assuming that it will work on most/all.  I haven't won anything yet, but it's free.

My Coke Rewards: Double points on 12-packs 1/25-1/31

Just a reminder that we are in the double point zone at MCR from now until 1/31.  Well, at least for 12-packs.  Remember, you can only earn up to 120 points per week, so if you have a ton of 12-pack codes to enter, save the remainder for next week.  Not like you have a choice, anyway.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recyclebank: 25 easy points

Head over to Recyclebank and get 25 points for pushing a couple buttons on the Hellmann's ad where the orange button says "Get Started."  Just click through the ads, which will take under 30 seconds, and you'll get 25 points.  Seriously easy.

Thanks to hunt4freebies for this one.

My Coke Rewards: Update on Arctic Home game

The game, mentioned here, is still a little frustrating technologically, but it's paying off nicely in points.  My 70-point donation for both my wife and my account have benefited to the tune of 175+ points since the start and it looks like it will keep going through March.  Or at least that's what the site says.

My Coke Rewards: Distressing Wednesday special

Wednesday special: An 1886 Distressed Coca-Cola Cap, 285 points that I wouldn't spend instead of the 475 points that I wouldn't spend. This offer distresses me.


Five more points at Recyclebank

Sign up for a newsletter from and get five points from Recyclebank.  No reason that it has to go to your primary email address.  The link is here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Five easy Pampers points

Here's another easy five points.  By now, they should be beginning to add up.  If you haven't been collecting the points, just click on the Pampers Gifts to Grow label on the right.  Use the code TWIT9PGYETBPA12 at Pampers points.

Papa John's: Possible free pizza, Pepsi

So here's the deal.  Sign up for a free PJ's rewards account.  Guess whether the coin toss at the Super Bowl is heads or tails.  If the country guesses correctly, you win.  That's it.  50/50 shot.

Note: While the site encourages you to sign in with Facebook, you do not need to have one.  Just hit "skip" where it asks you if you want to sign in with FB.  For an explanation on why I think you should have a Facebook account, even if you hated everyone you went with to high school, read here.

Thanks to for this one.

Three free My Coke Rewards points

I feel bad that there were no free points to give out over the weekend so I'll throw out something from my growing stack of MCR points that I haven't entered.  If you are the first to enter the code, please note it in the comments section to save time for others.


ETA: The code has been used.  Thank you.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Five easy Recyclebank points

Go here, sign up for the newsletter (Nobody says it has to be your primary email address.), confirm the email they send you and then enjoy your points.

See?  I told you it's easy.

My Coke Reward Arctic Home game paying off

As mentioned in this thread, MCR is offering a game where you donate 70 points and play each day to win points.  I'm not sure if they know or care how many points this game will cost them, but it's paying off nicely.  I have found 35-point diamonds each of the past three days and, supposedly, Friday nights offer a 70-point diamond, as well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A quick note regarding posts here...

I am thrilled if you want to post links that I post here-the more, the merrier, and frankly, I could use the viewership.

I do request, however, that if you use information obtained here, that you simply mention this site.

Thanks for your consideration!

10 Recyclebank points for a 30-second quiz

Take the Pantene Quiz here and earn 10 quick points.  Four questions, no need to get them right.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Coke Rewards: Double 12-pack points, Wednesday "deal"

The good news: Thanks to bob12403 on FT for pointing out that there will be double 12-pack points 1/25-1/31.  I believe that CVS is running a 12-pack promo this weekend, so it's a good time to stock up.  4/$10, in addition to the "Buy $30 worth of items and get a $10 gift card."  There is a limit on Coke products (four), but there may be other products you want or a way to get around it by making separate trips.

To make up for doing something good, they have given another lousy Wednesday special.  Make your own stickers for 100 points.  Shipping, of course, is extra.

PF Chang's program "enhancement"

As expected, PF Chang's has "enhanced" its program for the worse.  Instead of giving you a straight 10% off, it has now gone to the "random rewards" style that Panera uses, where you may or may not get some sort of reward when you dine.  Only the warrior knows.

The program is still free, though, so if you want some free lettuce wraps, sign up here.

My Coke Rewards follow-up

Looks like the MCR deal mentioned in the last post is for real.  I woke up to find a diamond good for 35 points.  Apparently, there are diamonds every morning and evening for 35 or 70 points.  It's a good way to build your balance.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Coke Rewards Game: Donate to win

Here's an odd one: If you have 70 My Coke Rewards points, go here to play the Arctic Home game.  The site is buggy and slow, but could turn out to be worth it.  You donate 70 points to create a virtual plot of land, with the proceeds going to help the polar bears.  Apparently, you can go back day after day and search for virtual diamonds, which give you either 35 or 70 MCR points.  So a 70 point investment can pay off with multiples of that.  I just started and will report back on it.  Slick Deals has a lonnnnnggggg thread on it starting about here.  Well, not that long if you are used to Flyertalk threads.  Speaking of which, thanks to yanxfann on FT for pointing this out.

Bottom line: Next time you are attacked by a polar bear, just remind them that you donated to the cause.

10 Pampers points

And we're back!  Earn 10 Pampers points here with code FBMLKKU4RPP6P12.

 I think it would be a really cool job to be the guy who gets to come up with all of those codes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Coke Rewards: Wednesday deal, PC points

But, before I go...

Today's Wednesday deal is (drum roll please) a one-year subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine for 125 points!  I guess that would be good if you are marrying Martha Stewart.

The 2,000 point PC point rewards are long gone.  Man, that went fast.

Out of Office

I'll be taking a little family time through the 16th.  Looking forward to catching up with you then.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Swagbucks: Get paid to search, watch videos, etc.

Here's an interesting one. Sign up at Swagbucks below and use it as your search engine (I think the underlying engine is google, who shares ad dollars with SB, so your search results are the same.). The site randomly gives you "Swagbucks," which can be exchanged for cash, gift cards, etc. I've made about $125 from the site and haven't noticed a deterioration in my search results. You also get Swagbucks for watching videos, signing up for offers and other fun stuff. I mostly do searches and videos.

Sign up below by clicking on the banner ad and they'll credit you with some sort of sign-up bonus. Full disclosure: I may get some sort of credit if you sign up here. Or I may not. I haven't quite figured out how that part works yet.

Be rewarded with the Web's Premiere Rewards Site

Five Disney Movie Rewards Points

Monthly newsletter code!  Five points with the code LKFJDAL838O.

25 (and then some) Recyclebank points

Seriously, it's easy. The prizes are okay. It doesn't take any time. Here's a link for 25 RB points, but a quick search on the site will give you a ton more.  I just let them play in the background.

Disney Sign-up bonus

If you haven't already signed up for Disney Movie Rewards, which offers a ton of good prizes, here's your chance to do so with a 25 point bonus.  The code is: FPSNN83JX9.

And if you want some quick points, here's the page with surveys for up to 200.  The surveys should take you all of about five minutes.

Thanks to our friends at for the tip.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Possible 20 Stouffers points

I don't know if the code below is still active, but give it a try at Stouffer's Dinner Club and see if you get anything.  


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PF Chang's Warrior Program to change

Here's one that I bet you didn't know existed: PF Chang's has a free loyalty program.  Currently, you get 10% off your bill with the card but, as of 1/8/12, the company is making changes to it.  No doubt that the unannounced changes will devalue it.  Until then, check it out here.

Five more Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards points


The code is: bkjbp wgszr pnpgb

Let me know if it doesn't work.

My Coke Rewards: Priority Club points are back!

Finally!  After being out of stock seemingly forever, MCR has brought back Priority Club Points, one of its most useful rewards.  500 PC points for 160 MCR, or 2,000 points for 630.  If you are in between, I'd advise buying the 500 pointers rather than saving up.  Why?  You only get a 10 point discount for the 2,000 pointer, and the latter is clearly labeled "limited time."  Don't save up to save 10 points only to discover that it no longer exists.

Wednesday deal: Whoo-hoo, a curling iron set!

150+ Points from Recyclebank

The Green Your Seasons campaign at Recyclebank claims to offer 90 points, but I got at least 150 by clicking on the links (Yes, that's really all you have to do, except for a few where you have to take a one-question quiz.  You get the points whether you get the answer right or not.).  Go to the top, use the white arrows on the screen to go to the first page and just move forward from there.

This site is one of the most disorganized, although that gives it a bit of a "treasure hunt" mentality while looking for points opportunities.  I'll try to provide links to the big ones.

The rewards on the site go in and out, but I currently have a couple in mind: for 50 points, I can get a $5 discount at my local supermarket (on a purchase of $50, not exactly a difficult feat with two kids) and for 750 points, 250 My Coke Rewards points (which is now equivalent to six, not eight free sodas, but still gets me a 12-pack).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stouffer's Club steps it up on prizes

One of the disappointing aspects of the Stouffer's Dinner Club program is the lack of good prizes.  Sure, a free meal or a couple of movie tickets aren't bad, but there isn't much else unless you are stocking up a kitchen or, well, that's about it. 

This year, Stouffer's has promised to step it up a notch and is introducing a few new prizes, as well as a monthly gift card offer.  January's prize is a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card for 1,250 points.  Now, I wouldn't start buying a bunch of meals just for that prize (At $2.50 each, you'd have to buy about $150 worth of Mac and Cheese to get there), but we hope to continue to bring you free codes that you can enter.  Got co-workers that bring their lunch?  At least one of them has to be throwing out those Stouffer's boxes (same thing for My Coke Rewards, as well, and bottle caps).  Note that the B&N gift card compares very favorably with other non-kitchen prizes, such as two movie tickets, which cost 2,000 points.

View the catalog of prizes here and, if you haven't signed up already, do so here, where Stouffer's promises you 100 free points just to sign up (bringing your B&N gift card cost down to about $140).  And if you never eat Stouffer's, well, you haven't lost anything.

Stouffer's Dinner Club monthly surveys for 10 points

Don't forget to take the Stouffer's monthly surveys for a quick 10 points.  The surveys should take you all of about ten seconds.

My Coke Rewards "enhances" prizes

The newbies always find the best stuff.  Or the worst stuff, as the case may be.  Reported at Flyertalk, by hawkandhoo: 33% increase at My Coke Rewards for a free Coke (30 points to 40) and a 4% increase (Okay, that one is not too terrible.) for a 12-pack, 240 to 250.  Those are among my favorite rewards, along with the movie tickets, which appear to be unchanged.

Still, free is free.  Now, it's just a little pricier free.

Possible 10 Pampers Points code

Head over to Pampers Points for a possible 10 points.  Try code: TWITAJEY19X2011

Sunday, January 1, 2012

50 Free points from Disney Movie Rewards

50 points are yours at Disney Movie Rewards.   The site is incredibly slow, so don't go anywhere.  If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time.  Your New Year's resolution is here!  Check out some past codes to get your balance up.

Code: HPNY17635JDT