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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Coke Rewards Game: Donate to win

Here's an odd one: If you have 70 My Coke Rewards points, go here to play the Arctic Home game.  The site is buggy and slow, but could turn out to be worth it.  You donate 70 points to create a virtual plot of land, with the proceeds going to help the polar bears.  Apparently, you can go back day after day and search for virtual diamonds, which give you either 35 or 70 MCR points.  So a 70 point investment can pay off with multiples of that.  I just started and will report back on it.  Slick Deals has a lonnnnnggggg thread on it starting about here.  Well, not that long if you are used to Flyertalk threads.  Speaking of which, thanks to yanxfann on FT for pointing this out.

Bottom line: Next time you are attacked by a polar bear, just remind them that you donated to the cause.

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