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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AMC Stubs: Discount on Best Picture marathon

AMC Theatres offers Stubs, one of my least favorite loyalty program.  In my opinion, no one should ever be forced to pay to join a loyalty program and I would not have joined had they not given me the first year free.  The biggest benefits are a $10 gift card for every $100 you spend, free upgrades on overpriced popcorn and soda (thereby getting people to buy snacks they might not have bought in the first place) and free online ticket purchases (what I call the ATM phenomenon: getting you to pay for something that saves the company money), although you still have to wait in line to pick up your tickets at the counter.

Having said all that...I'm probably going to renew my membership, anyway.  It kills me to pay for it, but I see enough movies that it's worth it for me, and cutting off my nose to spite my face just didn't make sense. 

Anyway, here's the deal: AMC is showing Best Picture nominee marathons all day Saturday, this week and next.  $30 for a four-picture pass on 2/18, $40 for a five picture pass on 2/25.  Yes, that's how screwed up these guys are: the marginal cost for the additional show is higher, not lower, than the average of the first four.  You get a $5 concessions gift card for each show you buy (Get your bottles of soda ahead of time at a real store.) and Stubs members get $5 in "Bonus Bucks" if they buy tickets ahead of time.

Bottom line: It's a lousy program when compared to typical loyalty programs but, if you see a lot of movies, it might be worth it.

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