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Monday, February 6, 2012

Seventh Generation Loyalty Program: Free points

So this is a new one to me.  Who knew that Seventh Generation has a loyalty program?  I clicked on a banner ad to connect me and found it.  Most of the decent prizes seem to start at about 50 points.

Join by clicking on a banner ad or the link here.

Free Points to Start

Nothing difficult: Most involve a video that you can play in the background or something similar.

3 points: Click here to get a point for watching the video and two more for answering the quiz questions.  Answers are: 3/4, Burlington, Milk>Flakes, Post-Consumer Recycled and 90%.

1 point: Watch (or don't watch) this video.

3 points: Write a sentence here.

1 point: Watch this Laurie Berkner video.  Note: If you have kids four and under, Laurie's CD's are wonderful for them.  My three-year old twins love her music.

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