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Monday, April 23, 2012

Recyclebank: Some bad news, but why I like it, anyway

The bad news: As of now, RB is no longer offering the 250 My Coke Rewards points as a redemption offer.  That's a big downside, since it offered the easiest way to convert Recyclebank points to actual cash at a rate of $.005 per RB point.  Coke is a sponsor of RB, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the points come back.

Having said that, this program is still one of my favorites.  Here's why:

1) It's easy.  Earning points rarely involves much more than clicking on an offer or taking a short quiz.  You can do it while talking on the phone, ignoring the guy in your office, etc.

2) It's frequent.  There is some way to earn points almost every day.  Promotions tend to be big, with 100-pointers frequent (The current promo is a once-per-week offer to get 95 points.). 

3) While there are a lot of crappy prizes, there are some good ones, too.  2,500 points gets you a choice of gift cards, valuing the points at $.004 per point.  There are a few potentially useful restaurant discounts (may vary by location) and some retail discounts, including Shaw's Supermarket ($10 off a $50 order), Bed Bath and Beyond ($10 off $30, possibly stackable with those blue 20% off mailers), Macy's ($10 off $50), etc.

RB falls into the "get rich slowly" category, with the term "get rich" being relative for freebies.  It involves almost no work and offers a few good prizes.

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