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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Huggies removes points, gives numerous excuses

Well, I guess I'm not surprised that Huggies removed all the points from last week's bonanza.  At first, it claimed that the codes had nothing to do with Huggies.  Then, it claimed that they were Huggies codes, but the codes were targeted and, to maintain the integrity of the system, the company had to remove the points.  Hey Huggies, you know what real integrity would have been?  How about admitting that you goofed by sending out multiple use codes instead of one-timers and allowing the lucky recipients to keep the points, which would have cost you very little?

As a consolation prize, the company did send out a 25-point code, JXMDX-PSSRW-LXPGB.  Of course, they may pull that one back on you, too.

Want petty revenge in the internet era?  Do a search for Huggies and click on a bunch of the ads.  They'll lose more in marketing dollars than they saved by removing points.

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  1. Hey, I wanted to point out that the bonanza with Huggies really IS over. They've now changed to a "scan your receipt" system, which is fine I guess, except that they no longer accept codes at all. So unlike Kelloggs, which still lets you enter codes from products you've already purchased, they have chosen to give the middle finger to all their customers. There was a thread on their consumer forum filled with angry customers, which has now been closed. So I have decided to cash in all my points, and have already shifted my diaper purchasing to Pampers. What a boneheaded move by Huggies!