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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Coke Rewards: 20 points, possibly daily

Everyone has their own specialty.  In my case, I fall into the 1%.  You know, the 1% that can double-roll their tongues.  That's right, only 1/100 people can roll their tongue and then fold it again.  I read it somewhere, so it must be true.  I bet you really wanted to hear that, huh?

For FTer yanxfann, it's coming up with great MCR deals.  And this one is a goodie: Enter codes 10096122897198 and 10096071476917 for 10 points each.  As an added bonus, some have reported earning the bonus daily.  Yummy.

One odd point: both codes worked for me and each of my kids.  For my wife, only one worked.

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