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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Coke Rewards free points codes: still going strong

We're now down to two codes that you can enter daily at My Coke Rewards, but they're worth ten points each, meaning a free 16oz soda every two days (40 points), or a free 12-pack after 13 days.  I have an account for myself, my wife, each of my kids and parents.  I believe that the limit is four per household, but it's worth a glance at the T&C, just to be sure.

Nobody seems to know when the free points bonanza will end, although the rumor is August 12.


  1. Well today the code 10096071476917 stopped working so it looks like we are down to 10 points a day. I hope somebody comes up with some more great codes like that. Today is 8/7/12.

  2. Thanks hacker. I should have kept my mouth shut about an expiration!