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Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to Frugal Travel Guy's readers (and everyone else)

A hearty welcome to those of you who found me by way of FTG!  I'm thrilled to have somebody other than my mother (Thanks Mom, totally appreciated.) reading my blog.

As noted over at FTG, this site focuses on everything but travel programs.  Given how successful frequent flyer programs have been, other merchants saw the opportunity to drive sales through their own loyalty programs.

The purpose and fun of this blog is simple: free points.  I don't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on Kellogg's cereal to get enough points to buy a stuffed animal, but I'm happy to accumulate the free points that the merchants tweet, post on Facebook or randomly throw out on the internet.  My Phineas and Ferb clock thanks Disney and all of its points for finding it a good home.

Note: You will not get rich quickly from finds here.  You probably won't even get rich slowly.  In fact, if you do get rich because of something I write, you're probably doing it wrong.  But movie tickets and Starbucks are out there for the taking. 

Final note: I'm a sucky blog designer.

Final final note: There are good days and bad.  Some days will have multiple opportunities, others will have none.  I try to have something every day, but there are simply days when there are no points to be found.

I list pretty much every program I find, since it may be useful for somebody, but some programs are better than others.  Here are my favorites:

Lots of free points:

Disney Movie Rewards  gives points out at least once per month in a monthly email, but it's usually more frequent than that.  You'll get 100 points on your birthday.

Pampers Points come several times per month, usually in five or ten point intervals.  Just because you don't have a kid, by the way, is no reason not to collect Pampers points.  They have other prizes as well, particularly if you are a Shutterfly fan.  This post has a bunch of codes that are supposed to be permanent, as opposed to most others, that last a week or so.  Give them a try.

Recyclebank is a site that is supposed to be for the environmentally conscious but is, in fact, an advertising site for companies to show how green they are.  No reason not to take advantage of their generosity, however.  This site has, by far, the most points giveaways, and you usually need to do little more than click a link.  It also gives away five points daily for visiting and taking a daily pledge to be green.  The prizes cost a lot of points, but they're easy to accumulate. 

Free money:

Note: I may earn a referral bonus from these.  If I do, I will disclose it and how much I make (if I know it).  As best I can tell, the most I have ever made from a referral was $2.  Not exactly counting on this blog for my retirement, if you know what I mean.  I really should have gotten into that credit card referral gig, but that seems so much like, you know, work.

SwagbucksThis one's a gimme.  SB is a search site that uses Google's search engine for search results.  Google pays them a portion of its commissions.  SB pays you a portion of its commissions from Google.  Random searches generate "Swag Bucks" which can be traded in for gift cards, cash or other stuff.  This site has the best selection of prizes of just about any site on here, since it will give you cash.

Inbox Dollars: They send you an email (or you download a toolbar).  You click on a link.  They give you money.  That's it.  I've never gotten spam because of them.  I believe that I make 0.2c (that's 2/10 of a cent) for each email you click.  See what I mean about that retirement plan?

Global Test Markets:  This is the only survey site that I use for cash (although I do use e-Rewards for the miles).  I've found too many others that pay you $.50 for 45 minutes of work.  Most surveys on this site pay $2.00-$10.00 and the reward is not necessarily linked to the length. 

Other Stuff:

Here's some random stuff that didn't fit in above.

Listia:  I'm never quite sure how to explain Listia, other than to describe it as eBay with its own form of currency in the form of Listia points.  You can use the Listia points to bid for whatever anyone has put up for sale, which includes anything from My Coke Rewards codes to Disney codes to jewelry.  This is an excellent site to use if you need to round up to earn a few more points in one of your other programs, and there does not appear to be a limit on the number of accounts you can have.  There is a 400 or 500 point bonus (I can never remember which.) to sign up.  I make a very small referral bonus if you list an item for sale but, unless they are giving you a big bonus to do so (500 points or so), it's probably not worth it.

Roboform:  Roboform saves all your address information and fills in form for you just by clicking on the button in the toolbar.  It'll save you a ton of time when you are filling out forms for just about anything.  The free trial version should be more than enough.

Friday Freebies: Just for the fun of it, I usually list a freebie that I found somewhere on the internet, although there are a ton of sites that specialize in getting free samples/products on the web.

Birthday FreebiesI'm currently working on a master list of freebies from restaurants on your birthday.  Stay tuned.

And if you have made it this far, thanks for visiting!  Please come back often.


  1. jingit is another free money one to add to your site. Watch ads, answer some silly questions afterwards to be sure you are near your computer, like "do you like s'mores?" You get paid out on a visa debit card. You can also get paid by scanning stuff at walmarts with you smartphone.

  2. Thanks Scarlett. Unfortunately, it looks like I need a Fast Pass code. If you email me one (, I'll sign up under you as a referral.