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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pampers Gifts to Grow: 10 points

It's about freakin' time.  10 points with code FBHA012PR46DY12.  They should be ashamed of themselves for not giving out more free points.  After all, Ohio's a swing state.

Yeah, I realize my logic is totally twisted.

My Coke Rewards Wednesday Deal: Shutterfly

Hey, this looks like it could actually be a good one.  Get a whole bunch of prints at Shutterfly for 30 points, which represents an 86% discount from the normal 215 points.  I don't know how they came up with that number, but for those who use Shutterfly instead of the Sears Photo Studio, you look pretty good here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swagbucks: One more day for collectors bills

Swagbucks is offering a variety of collectors bills through tomorrow.  Collect all five bills and earn 13 SB, which I consider equivalent to about a dime.  Try not to get too excited about this one.

Recyclebank: 25 points

Here's a blatant advertisement for a paper company presenting itself as environmental advice.  Hey, it's worth 25 points.  I'll take it.

Don't forget to do the daily pledge on the home page for another five.

Disney Movie Rewards: Points in your email

Check today's newsletter for a link at the bottom to holiday points.  I got five and don't know if it's standard for everyone.

DMR newsletters are normally useless, but every once in a while, they throw in a few points.  This was one of those occasions.

If you didn't get the newsletter, you can try this link, but it may be specific per person.  Please comment below if it works/doesn't work for you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kellogg's Rewards: 25 points

Well, it's about time.  Enter code HALLOWEENPARTY25 at Kellogg's Rewards for an additional 25 points.  It's a little at a time, but it adds up.

Thanks to Kipper at FT for this one.

Free My Coke Rewards Cap

I'm getting seriously peeved by the cold streak the freebies are on, so here's another freebie.


Please post in comments if you are the first.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Free MCR code to the first comer

It's sad that I haven't seen a free point code in several days, so I'm posting a MCR code from my private stash.  There's only one, so when the first person gets it, please post in the comments.  Thanks!


Friday Freebie: Free Folgers Coffee Sample

And we're back!  Thanks for stopping by.

The Friday Freebie, thanks to H4F, is a free sample of Folgers coffee.  I haven't had Starbucks in a few days and am starting to go a bit stir crazy.  How sad.

Yes, it's a Facebook Freebie.  Sorry about that, but just another good excuse to set up your fake FB account.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Recyclebank: 40 points

Whew, Recyclebank saves the day!  Four questions, forty points here.  Scroll down a bit to the yellow box for your questions.  Note, you may need to go back a page using the arrows to get all four questions.

I just crossed the 2,500 point mark, meaning that gift cards are now in play.  Since I need to buy a bunch of iTunes, anyway, I think that's the winner.  Unfortunately, Starbucks is not an option, making this about the only rewards program that will not contribute to my caffeine habit.

Nothing to see here, folks...

Remember when I said that there are dry spells that will last days?  Well, we seem to be in one.  I'll be away for the next few days and only have sporadic access to the internet, but I'll try to check in every few days just to update the freebies.

I'll be back full-time on Friday night.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kellogg's Family Rewards: 50 points

Ahh, this is the kind of stuff that I like.  Kellogg's isn't the world's greatest program but, for some reason, they've started kicking out the points like crazy.  Here's another 50 for code JOINKELLOGG2SAVE.

Stouffers Rewards: How I made a rookie mistake

So I made an embarrassing mistake that will cost me with Stouffer's this month.  At the beginning of the month, I pointed out that Stouffer's was offering double points per code after you entered eight in October.  So I went over to Listia and loaded up on codes to break the eight mark.  One of the guys selling codes on Listia noted that you get double points for every code starting with your second, but I just figured he had made a mistake.  He hadn't.

Turns out that the promo was targeted differently to every account holder.  Our household has two accounts, although one gets used more frequently than the other.  I didn't even bother to check the other to see if the promo was different.  Sure enough, that account got the bonus points for the second and beyond.  Ouch.  I cost myself 140 points by not paying attention.

Bottom line: If you get a promo and have multiple accounts in your household, check each account for the terms.

Friday Freebie: Free calendar! Oh, it's from the IRS...

Hey, haven't you always wanted a free tax calendar?  No, neither have I.  But it's free.  Man, I feel conflicted...

 Thanks to for this one.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More on Checkpoints and Shopkick

A little follow-up on this post:

As a test run, I redeemed for an Amazon gift card on Checkpoints.  It arrived in my email a week later, so they get a +1 for a reasonable redemption time.

Good and bad news on Shopkick: There seem to be more easy "kicks" for walking by a store.  Just do a search for all of the nearby stores and you'll get a few when you walk by them.  There are also more points available for scanning items.  I work in downtown Boston, so I am pretty much surrounded.  Bad news: The updated site is confusing, eliminated the levels you can earn and seems to offer fewer kicks.  Hey, it's all free, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way for it.

I'm still waiting on my first Ibotta purchase.  Unfortunately, supermarkets aren't linked yet, which is difficult for a site that deals mostly with food items. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Movie Rewards: 25 points

Well, here's a nice one: Enter each of the five codes in the code box and get 25 points.  Go here for the points.

The codes are: Felix, Mummy, Clown, Skully, Kitty

Pampers points: 10 more

It's pretty unusual to get two in a day, but I'll take it.  Use the link in the previous post and enter SPC1017FA12PA21.  Good until 10/21.

Many thanks to FTer Saas for posting this one.

Pampers points: Five free points

Another five points at Pampers.  Just enter code TWIT713TR39TR12.  Code expires on 10/19.

Starbucks Rewards: The new program starts today

For those of you who solicit Starbucks, the new program starts today.  12 drinks instead of 15 to get a freebie and it's all done electronically, but cut back on the soy and syrups, because those will now cost you.

My Coke Rewards Wednesday Deal: Cooking Light Magazine

Wow, Cooking Light magazine for 150 points instead of 300.  Seems more like "Wednesday Deal Light."  Nothing to see here, folks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recyclebank: 70 points

On the plus side, I now know where that 50 points came from yesterday.  It actually started here.  Scroll through the pages, click on the clicks and get your 70 points.

There may be a banner on the right about driving that gets you another five points.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Recyclebank: 50 points for a click

Ooohhh, secret points, I love those.  Go here, click on the house on the left (or maybe the right, each could be different) and get 50 points.  If you click on the wrong house, it will direct you to the right house.  Don't forget to sign in.

Starbucks Rewards: Free Latte

Nothing like a free latte to get your day going.  Today, Starbucks will offer free after-work lattes at many of its stores to celebrate the roll-out of its new single serve machine.  Methinks this giveaway is also a way to faze in the changes to the new Starbucks Rewards program.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recyclebank: Another 15 points

This one went out in their email newsletter.  Good thing I caught it, since I rarely read those.  Four question quiz, no need to get the right answers.

Friday Freebie: Free Chocolate Cream of Wheat

There just seems to be something so wrong with the concept of Chocolate Cream of Wheat, but I like chocolate and I like cream of wheat, so I can't put my finger on it.  Thus, I will take advantage of my fake facebook account and get my freebie.  If you miss out today, they're doing 10,000 per day through the end of the month, so you'll have another chance.

Note: you will also get a coupon at the end of the process for $1.00 off cream of wheat.  The coupon is separate from the promo and your sample will come in the mail.

Kellogg's Family Rewards: 25 points

It appears that our friends from Michigan (Remember, merchants, it's easy to become a friend; just see the last post.) are finally catching on, offering yet another code, this one for 25 points.  It expires on Halloween, so get in now.  Or at least within the next few weeks.  Click here and enter code LVNGSOCIAL25PNTS.

My eternal thanks to our friends at Hunt4freebies for this one.

Recyclebank: 40 points

Our friends at Chevrolet (Anyone who offers points immediately becomes a friend.) are offering 35 Recyclebank points.  First, go here to take the quick quiz for 25 points.  Then, click over here for another 10.  Add in your five points from your daily pledge and you're good to go.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kellogg's Family Rewards: 10 free points

Ya know what I learned today?  According to Kellogg's, 90% of Americans don't get enough fiber.  I learned that when I took a survey today that got me a code for 10 free points.  Enter code: KFRFIBERPLUSPOLL at Kellogg's Family Rewards for your freebie.

Recyclebank: 40 easy points

The nice thing about Recyclebank is that it is always good for easy points.  The link will take you to a 30-point quiz; just answer the five multiple choice questions.  It's not necessary to get them right.  Five more points are in the Lipton box to the right (If it doesn't appear, just do a search.).  The correct answer is Africa.  And finally, five points for your daily pledge.

My Coke Reward Wednesday Deal: Six Flags ticket for 250 points

This deal may actually be useful for somebody.  As we head into the slow season, Six Flags is offering discounted tickets on MCR, now 250 points instead of 1,000.  Looks like they're good until the end of the 2012 season, so be sure your park doesn't close this Friday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Checkpoints, Shopkick, Ibotta: Earn with check-ins and coupons

I just bought an iPhone.  It's about a thousand times better than my Blackberry and has more features than I could ever possibly use.  My wife is in danger of going from a Sunday football widow to an everyday iPhone App widow.  On the plus side, I'll probably lose a lot of weight, since I'll be too busy to get up and go to the fridge, my previous hobby.

Among the Apps, I stumbled across a couple that pay me for things.  I personally believe that everything on the internet should be free, but it's even better when I get points/cash for doing pretty much nothing.  I haven't decided if these programs are "loyalty programs" per se, but they're free, which is close enough.

Using these programs is easy.  In fact, it can be as easy as walking into a store to get your points.  Sometimes you might need to use your phone to scan an item.  In the case of Ibotta, you might actually need to, gulp, buy something.  Obviously, you'd only use this app if you were buying an item that you would have anyway.

Note: Feel free to use my referral link or set up a conga in the comments section.  I'm not particularly picky.

Ibotta:  If used correctly, this is the most lucrative of the three.  It gives you a (pretty large) list of qualifying items and, if you buy one, you get cash back.  You can also take a poll and quiz about the item for extra cash.  Obviously, do not ever buy anything you wouldn't have bought otherwise, but there's no reason not to have this app, since it's just free money.  Once you buy the item, just scan the receipt.  Only good on the iPhone right now and good at items purchased at Walgreen's, Target and Walmart.  Just be sure to select the item when you go shopping so the app knows where to send you.  See the short video in the help center for more details.  Full disclosure statement: I get a dollar if you sign up and use the app.

Checkpoints:  Right now, this one is my favorite.  Your phone will automatically locate where you are and tell you where there are participating stores within a certain range (You set the range.).  Walk into the store, scan selected items and be done.  You also get to play a bonus game for extra points each time you scan an item.  Use your points to buy items.  Full disclosure statement: If you use my link, you get a 300 point sign-up bonus and I get 150 points.

Shopkick:  The easiest of the three, since you literally don't have to do anything except walk into a store.  Hit the "nearby" button and it will give you a list of stores in your area.  Walk in.  Register points ("kicks") and leave.  Some stores also offer bonus opportunities to scan items.  Full disclosure statement: If three people use my link, I get 2,000 kicks.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pampers Points: 10 points

I'm going to have to start watching my mailbox more carefully, as this one almost slipped past me.  Fortunately, Saas on FT caught a 10 point code at Pampers.  Drinks are on me next time.


Speaking of Disney...

Hey, I get one right every once in a while.  My Disney Movie Rewards email just came.  My mystery point link was in the bottom right-hand corner and I got, well,  I don't know how many points I got because the site seems to be slow.  Disney, next month, stagger the emails.

ETA: Site is back up and I claimed my five points.

Recyclebank: 70 points

Sorry folks, it was a dismal weekend for freebies.  On the plus side, your monthly Disney points email should be hitting soon.  Keep an eye out for it.

In the meantime, Recyclebank is offering its daily five points for the daily pledge, as well as 65 points for downloading and playing the Bin-It App.  Yup, it involves actual, you know, work (shudder).  Playing the game looks like a fun diversion, though.

I believe it is a free app, but if anyone notices otherwise, please let me know.  No way I'd actually pay (double shudder) for this one.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Recyclebank: 105 points

Another set of easy points from Recyclebank.  Don't forget to sign in.

30 Points for playing the Lipton match game here.

Five points for answering the question in the Dove bottle to the right of the Lipton match game.  Then, answer the four or five questions about plastic containers for another 30 points.

40 points in the yellow box about halfway down the homepage.  Should be four clicks for ten points each.

This site is about as easy as it gets.

With the My Coke Rewards points still out of stock, I'll likely be converting my Recyclebank points into a gift card, although that 250 point Entertainment Weekly subscription is looking like an awfully good guilty pleasure.

Friday Freebie: Green Mountain K-Cups

Yup, it's your favorite time of the week, when I give you a freebie that you probably can't use.

But in case you got sucked into buying a Keurig, here's some free coffee.  Remember to use your fake Facebook account and Firefox for this one.

Wanna hear something weird?  I have a pretty eclectic mix on Pandora but just got two songs in a row with baseball/sports-themed videos.  The first person who can tell me what those songs are gets a My Coke Rewards code emailed to them.  Note: One of the songs has two different versions of the video.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Coke Rewards: 15 points for five Diet Coke caps

In addition to the Wednesday deals, MCR usually does a monthly deal.  Unlike the Wednesday deals, the monthly deals are often quite good.

This one isn't.  But it's 15 free points if you enter five Diet Coke codes during October.  And it's a one-timer.  Meh.

Facebook: 10 free points to learn about menopause

Yeah, I figured that one would catch your attention.  Go here to learn a little about menopause and click the blue box that says "count me in."  Once you allow the app, it will give you five points.  You can do this one twice for a total of ten points (and they say Americans are falling behind in math!).  I'd wait until your coworkers stopped leaning over your shoulder before doing this one.

This offer is a good example of why you should have a FB account, even if it's a fake one.  These FB freebies pop up occasionally.

Thanks to hunt4freebies for this one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Coke Rewards Wednesday deal: $15 e-gift card to Bags Buy

Coke must have a lot of these codes left, since they just did this one in July, where one reader pointed out that the bags aren't exactly cheap.  Hmm, creativity ain't so hot these days in Atlanta, apparently.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stouffer's: Survey and bonus offer

For the Monday through Friday crowd, a hearty welcome to Frugal Guy Traveler's readers.  Scroll down a bit to Friday's post for my full welcome email.

In the meantime, it's the first of the month, so offers start again in earnest.  Stouffer's kicks us off this month.  Follow the link to get ten points for the quick survey and poll.  Also, they're running a promo this month: The first eight codes you enter are worth 20 points each.  Every code after that is worth 40. This is a good example of a time that Listia will help you out to pick up some quick codes.