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Monday, November 19, 2012

CVS: Black Friday extrabucks-inator

I have a few favorite days of the year.  The day after Halloween, Easter and Christmas are right up there for all of the half-price candy that drugstores sell.

Black Friday is another.  I don't care for all of the big deals that the mega-stores offer.  Truthfully, I don't trust the quality of a $19 DVD player.  Rather, I'm a big fan of the CVS circular, which offers numerous "freebies," where they give you extrabucks equal to the price of the item that you just bought.  Usually, you get one or two of those per week.  For this week, you get more than twenty.

The trick is to buy every item with zero dollars out of pocket.  True, you have to pay for the first item, but after that, you use extrabucks to pay for each successive group of items.  At the end, you should end up with extrabucks equivalent to what you started with, to be used at a future date.  It's a lot of fun collecting all the items and you'll amuse the cashiers.

The way to get started, after pulling out your circular, is to find the highest priced item.  For me, that's a $17 (Okay, $16.99, but I'm rounding.) package of pur-Absorb.  $17 is now your target price.  Each successive group of items should get as close to $17 as possible without going over.  Note that my plan uses the local Boston circular.  Yours may be different, but the concept is the same.

Here's how I'm going to do it:

Buy pur-Absorb, receive $17 in EB

Use those EB to buy the Contour Meter ($10) and Universal Remote ($7)

Use those EB to buy the South Beach product (5), Thermacare (3.50), Sbux Refresher ($1.50), Easy Feet (5) and Scooby treats (2)

Use those EB to buy the Collagen (9.50), Advil Kids (2.37), Glade (1.25) and Street King (4); Note that this combination will cost you $.12 extra.

Use those EB to buy your last combination, which is Advil Pills (3), Starbucks (2), Somnapure (2) and the nine items that price out at $1 each (Cepacol, Carmex, Airwick, Charmin Basic, Mac and Cheese, Powerade, Play-Doh and Hot wheels). 

That last combo will leave you with $1 to spare.  Use that $1 to buy anything you like. 

When you are done, you will have paid $1.12 OOP for everything in your shopping bag, after the $16 EB you have remaining.  Take any items that you aren't going to use and donate them to charity.

And you thought I had no life...


  1. If you use Itunes (or can give as gifts) they have $20 in EB's (thru tomorrow) if you buy $75 in Itunes GC.

  2. Love this idea. Looking forward to trying it out next week.