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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kellogg's Rewards: Now it gets interesting... (and 25 points)

First, the 25 points for entering code: FAVHOLIDAYCOOKIE.

Now it gets interesting.  Okay, here's the scoop (and not the two scoops of raisins kind of scoop): When they started the program, Kellogg's massively overpriced their rewards, making the program next to worthless, even with all the free points they give away.  For instance, a Starbucks gift card for $5, about the most fungible commodity outside of cash, cost 6,600 points.  A typical box of cereal earned about 85 points, meaning that you had to buy 78 boxes of cereal to get the lousy $5.  If an average box of cereal costs $3 (although I'd never pay that much), you'd have to pay $234 to get that $5 gift card.

Within the past month, a few things happened.  First, that Starbucks card got reduced to 3,300 points, making it less bad and more attainable.  Why is it that much easier to earn?  Because of #2, the Facebook game that I mentioned in this post.  Typically, I earn 20-100 points per game per Facebook account.  That's right, there's no limit on the number of Facebook accounts you can use to earn points.  Since opening a FB account takes about two steps and requires no personal information, it is a must-have.

Today, it got better: They've knocked most of the "cents off coupons" down from 1,000 points to 100 points.  That brings the value of the points up to 1.5c per point, which is excellent value, particularly since they are giving the points away for free.  The coupons are for cereal and several other Kellogg's products.  Since Kellogg's cereals are often on-sale from $1.50-2.50, you could end up with a free box of cereal or, at most, a box for $1.00.  My kids also go through waffles and crackers quickly, so I'll pick up some of those coupons.

The sales are only through December 3 and the coupons are good through December 28, so please move as quickly as possible.

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