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Monday, January 7, 2013

My goal for 2013: Free Starbucks for a year

So I saw Frequent Miler's million mile idea and thought, hmm, that's crazy.  Sounds like fun.

I decided to do my own challenge this year.  I currently have about $6 on my Starbucks card.  What would happen if I tried to get my Starbucks for free for the entire year?  As an addict, that's $20-25 per week, or just over $1,000 in free coffee, etc. for the year.  I know, that's a lot of money on coffee, but I have no other vices (I don't drink, smoke or hide the bodies.). 

The first trick is figuring out which of my free programs offer Starbucks as a reward.  So far, I have located Checkpoints, Shopkick, e-rewards and mypoints.

There are back-up programs as well, including Disney Movie Rewards, Kellogg's Family Rewards (if they bring the cards back as a reward), Listia and anything else that may pop up throughout the year.

There are some rules, of course.

Rule #1: No ordering Starbucks gift cards when an equal or better opportunity comes along.  For instance, at Swagbucks, I can order a $25 Paypal card for 2,500 points.  I can also earn a $25 Starbucks card for 2,500 points.  There's no question about which is a better deal, however: the Paypal is simply more fungible.  So in this case, I cannot order a Paypal card.  On the other hand, at MyPoints, there are cheaper options than the Starbucks card, but none that I would otherwise order.  In this case, I can order the Starbucks card.

Rule #2: Free coupons are allowed.  So if Starbucks sends me a birthday coupon or customer service coupon, I can use it.  The goal, after all, is free drinks.

Rule #3: No money on the card?  No Starbucks.  I know that FM has a Pass/Fail idea going but, with only $6 on my card right now, there's a good shot that I could run out before getting some value on the card.  Please note: If my posts get increasingly cranky, I've likely run out of freebies.

That's it, although I'm happy to take suggestions.  I'll update as I load my card or if there's a reason to do so.


  1. Saw this at -share with a friend to get it. They give you a $2.60 gift card that you can use on anything in store

  2. Ya, and just think, with all the facebook accounts you started for that last promo, now you can use all those accounts with this promo and wahlahhh... free coffee for days lol, no seriously.

  3. One other thing. Is Kelloggs serious about the amount of points they want for the cheezie prizes they offer? OMG what a friggen joke. Seriously???

  4. Bing Rewards also has redemption for $5 Starbucks cards - get points by clicking on some tings and doing searches using bing (15pts per day for that - 30 searches - sometimes more points on random days). You can rack up a bunch easily at the beginning by doing a bunch of the one-time stuff, then it is slow and steady - can get around one $5 card every 25-30 days if you do it every day.

    My link to join:

  5. @hackerzsuk1: No kidding, but I'm not being as greedy with this one as I was with Kellogg's because, as you correctly point out, the amount of points they want for their cheezie prizes is ridiculous. Wait for the occasional "sale," when the prices become slightly less ridiculous.

    @Anonymous: Thanks! I'll use your link when I get home, since I can't access FB from this computer.

  6. You have bing rewards too. Search on bing everyday and get 30 points. 500 points translate to $5 SB card.

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