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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Coke Rewards: Wednesday Freebie

73 points for a Good Housekeeping subscription and a free tote bag.  Wow, that's a deal.  And 73 points represents 45.11278% off the regular price.  I rounded the last digit, so I apologize if my accuracy is off a bit.

On another note, got a code that doesn't work?  This may be the reason.


  1. Weird. This may be a complete coincidence, but the first cap I entered this morning said the code had been used already. I just figured I'd put it back in the bag instead of the garbage last time I was entering points. Now I wonder.

  2. I had a problem with a bunch of them, although I had bought some of them at Listia, so it's more likely that the person who "sold" me the codes used them.