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Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Orchard Juices: Up to 1,800 points

I have never actually heard of this company, but I don't discriminate based on my ignorance.  Apparently, they sell juices.  In any case, Hunt4freebies had a link to a survey to generate 500 points.  Turns out that, by signing up, you also get 1,000 points and can get up to 300 points for opting in to emails.  Naturally, a 12 oz concentrate can costs 1,900 points and a 64 oz bottle costs 2,000 points, so we're a few points short.  But that's what we do around here, hunt for free points, and where there's free points once, there's generally more.  You know, the cockroach theory although, in this case, I guess it would have to be the cocktail theory.

The survey and sign-up are accessible here.

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