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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recyclebank: 105 points

Hey, the little circles are back!  Click on them, do what they tell you and you'll earn 105 points here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mobee: Finally expanding to Chicago, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, San Jose and DC!

Finally!  My single favorite reward program, Mobee, is expanding out of Boston.  Their initial forays will be at Costco, Walmart and Target in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington DC.  My impression is that these are trial runs to see how the cities take them, so if you live in one of these cities, I highly, highly recommend signing up.

As a reminder, Mobee is an app that allows you to do a quick (1-2 mins), multiple choice review of restaurants and retail and pays pretty decently to do so.  I've earned almost $200 since I downloaded the app in January and do almost no work with it.  Certain reviews pay more if you buy something, but I've never seen a location that did not have at least a couple of options that don't involve buying anything.  "Missions" range from $.25 to $5.00 each and never take more than two minutes.

To sign up, go to Mobee on your phone and download it.  That's it.  Full disclosure: We each get 300 points if you use referral code BKLZ when you sign up (which translates to $3) and I definitely appreciate it, but earning 300 points can also be done at a local restaurant/retailer in a matter of minutes, also.

Happy hunting!

Best Buy Reward Zone: Daily Points

It was a quiet weekend, so I'll use this time to remind you to get your Best Buy Reward Zone points here.  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Coke Rewards Wednesday deal: $20 FTD code

On the surface, 150 points for a $20 FTD code, discounted from 400 points, seems like a pretty good deal. A quick search of the web, however, would reveal that a $20 discount at FTD is a bad deal at any price, given how many discounts there are, unless you are buying a lower-priced item, particularly given their quality.  I'd hold back on this one.

By the way, for those of you looking to buy flowers on the internet, I've had good results with Teleflora.  Cashbackaholic notes that you can get up to 20% back at ebates, although I'm sure that there are other coupons out there.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recyclebank: 140 points

Those tricky devils, combining the 00's with 10's.  On the plus side, it's a quick 140 points.  Am I the only one who didn't know that Wikipedia dates back to 2001?  Go here and do your clicks.

Possible free Pepsi NEXT

I have no idea of what a "Levy" is or the purpose of a mid-calorie cola, but free is free.  Spin the wheel here and hope for the best.

Pampers Gifts to Grow: 5 points

We must be in a deflationary economy, since the usual freebie is 10 points.  No matter, the key word is "freebie."  Go here and enter code TWITK4SPRG8PA13.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Buy Reward Zone: Daily points

Don't forget your Best Buy points.  If you have been checking their page on a daily basis, your total should really be adding up by now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pampers Gifts to Grow: 10 points

Don't know how I missed this one, but enter code FBAPR4WSRE8WT13 at Pampers for your next 10 points.

My Coke Rewards: A virtually free Coke and ridiculous picture (Must see)

I might have skipped this one if I hadn't seen the picture (Thanks to H4F for this hint.).  Open the link here, and draw a caption for the photo to get a free coupon for $.99 off a Coke product.

But the truly odd thing is that this cartoon ever made it through the levels of corporate that it would have needed to to show up as a promo on the website.  C'mon, there's only one thing those peanuts are doing, and it ain't snacking.

Recyclebank: 30 points

After a long period of dormancy, RB has resurfaced.  Today, they'll add 30 points to your total for watching (or not watching) a few videos here.

My Coke Rewards Wednesday Deal: 50 Shutterfly photos for six points

I've never actually used any of the online photo shops, so I'm not sure what kind of deal this is, but for six points, you are essentially getting 50 photos for free.  Check it out here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recyclebank: 100 points

Good news: The Eco Time Capsule clicks are out and you can get 100 points for ten clicks.

Bad news: You'll have to relive the 90's.

Best Buy Reward Zone: Daily points

It's worth noting that, in addition to the daily points, Best Buy has opened another room for you to furnish.  Not sure what I'm buying from BB for my garage, but hey, if it gets me points, I'm all for it.

Recyclebank: 60 points

First, thanks to all who have Boston in their thoughts today.  One of the things I love about my hometown is the blue-collar, "we don't take any crap from anybody" attitude.  We're back at work today, not letting whatever asshole weaken us.  New York did it after 9/11 and we will do it today.

Many thanks to all the individuals, organizations, fraternities, etc. who spontaneously came outside with water, fruit, offers of cell recharging and bathrooms, etc. for the people who were forced to walk home due to a lack of public transportation.  You guys represent the best of Boston.

Back to work.  Here's a link to Recyclebank for 60 points.  Get 30 for watching the video and 30 for the short Knorr quiz at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Reward programs and freebies: Breaking my own rules

So it's been a very, very quiet weekend.  There are some tax freebies out there, but nothing that fits into my realm.

Today, and one day last week, I broke one of my own rules: Never buy something just for the freebie.  It's like getting a mileage credit card and paying 24% interest.

But what if the freebie is worth more than what you purchased?  It's for the churners who get the miles and pay off the balance at the end of each month.  Which you do, right?  Because if you are reading this blog and paying a double-digit interest rate on your credit card, that makes me sad.  In my case, that's the way it turned out.

My single favorite rewards app is Mobee, which gives you points for filling out short surveys on local chain restaurants.  Alas, the only restaurants covered are in Boston, but I'm hoping they'll expand.

Mobee has made a number of changes to the program over the past several months as it attempts to hit sustainable profitability, but one of my favorites is the move to dynamic pricing.  The concept is simple: if they need more reviews from a local restaurant, they'll up the rewards.

Last week, a local deli had a bonanza: 2,000 points for filling out eight quick surveys.  That translates to $20.  I did have to buy something for the survey, but it could have been the cheapest item on the menu; I only needed a receipt.  That $20 more than offset the $8 salad I bought.  Would I have gone there for lunch anyway?  Probably not.  Was I happy to get a salad and an extra $12 for free?  You betcha.

I got a little hosed today, so here's where to watch out.  I have the good fortune to work right in downtown Boston, so there are about 400 restaurants within a few square blocks.  Granted, about half of those are at Quincy Market, where no self-respecting Bostonian would eat*, but I still never know what to have for lunch.  Fortunately, Au Bon Pain also had the 2,000 point offer, four surveys at 500 points each.  So I bought my sandwich and did my first survey.  And then the other three surveys disappeared.  Oops.  That sandwich ended up costing me $2 after subtracting out my points, but apparently, I'm not as smart as I think I am.


*It is considered acceptable to walk through Quincy Market and make a lunch out of all the samples that the vendors hand out.  I recommend the Chicken Teriyaki at Megumi's and the mac & cheese samples right next to it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best Buy Reward Zone: 17 points

Hey, don't forget about those daily points at Best Buy.  Today's is for 17 points, having something to do with a race car driver.  I'm not too concerned about the reasoning, as long as I get my points, although I do wish he were #99.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ibotta announces the craziest promo I've seen to date: Earn $150,000 for referring (a lot of) users

Please note: I have made a few updates since I first posted this offer.  Please look for the highlighted area at the bottom to note the changes!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Ibotta, it's an app that gives you instant coupons at retail stores, including supermarkets, Target and Walmart.  Purchase a product, get cash back.  There's a CNET article and video here.

And I thought a year of free Starbucks was a big challenge!  Well, Ibotta has topped that.  They've announced a referral contest with a top prize of $150,000 for a mere 100,000 referrals.  Yeah, that's one out of every 3,000 individuals in the US.  Who all have to have smartphones.  Including children.  Etc.  Clearly, this one is going to be fun.  All the details are here.  My referral link is here.

The rules appear to be, well, there are no rules yet.  In fact, I'm not sure Ibotta meant for this offer to be entirely serious.  But here's how it appears to work: After the first seven referrals, users earn $1.50 per referral.  There does not seem to be a time limit.  Obviously, Ibotta figures that no one is even going to come close, but they didn't count on people like me; the few, the proud, the people with nothing better to do.

The challenge: refer 100,000 users.  How to do it?  No clue.  So I'll throw out some incentives:

  • At least 50% of the proceeds are going to charity.  Probably more, once I make sure all the tax ramifications are covered.  That donation is regardless of how much I end up with, whether it's $10 or $150,000.
  • The first person to sign up and leave a comment gets $1,000 when I cross 50,000 users.  They get another $1,000 when I cross $100,000.
  • I'll also give $1,000 to five random people within the first 100 who leave comments.  Guys, I only have 100 readers on a daily basis.
  • Throughout the sign-up period, I'll give out random bonuses.
  • Have a suggestion?  Best suggestion for getting referrals gets $1,000 at the 100,000 mark.  "Best suggestion" is judged by the amount of referrals it generates.
  • Feel like sharing my link?  Great!  I'll give you 20% of the referral bonus I get, although you're really better off sharing your own link at that point.  If you do so, just email me the email address of the person you referred to my link, since that's what I see.
  • Finally, a few people have already signed up through my link from previous posts.  When I cross $10,000, you each get $100 (the booby prize, since you're ineligible to sign up again).
  • Important: When you sign up, be sure to actually sign into your Ibotta account after creating it and send me an email at with the email address that you used so I can properly track you.  Also, you may be eligible for a sign-up bonus.  Just check your email.  Thanks!
This is a game and I intend for it to be fun.  And yes, I am a little insane.  Thanks again, and please feel free to add to the joy by signing up here.

AMC Theaters: Free tax-day popcorn

If you are an AMC cardholder, check your email for a free popcorn coupon for the weekend of April 12-15.  And if you are not, feel free to click here to download it.

There will likely be a number of tax-day freebies, since there are every year.  Keep your eyes open or google "Tax Day freebies" and you'll have a number of nice links.

Ibotta: Updates App

I don't write a note every time one of these guys makes a minor adjustment, but Ibotta added a number of products and bonus features yesterday.  It's worth a look.

Ibotta has been the least useful of the app-based bonus programs for me, but that's more because of my shopping patterns than any fault in the app itself.  We simply do much of our shopping at supermarkets that aren't supported.  But a number of the products they offer bonuses for are household staples and could earn you some cash.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Starbucks and Checkpoints updates

Earlier in the year, I decided that I was not going to pay a penny out of pocket for my daily Starbucks habit this year.  And so far, it's worked.  I'm currently at $50 on my card.

The latest addition was my $25 gift card from Checkpoints.  The card arrived by snail-mail about a week after I requested it.  When I first started with the "get-paid-to" apps, I figured that Checkpoints would be my primary app and Shopkick my back-up.  But, as Shopkick has improved the program by offering frequent bonus promos and the ability to get points by scanning, while Checkpoints has basically stood still, SK has moved into the pole position.  Checkpoints opportunities are just too spread out for scanning.

On the other hand, Checkpoints has something that SK doesn't: the bonus game.  You'll win 20 points every four spins or so and 50 points less frequently than that, but the points begin to add up.  You get one bonus spin for every item you scan.  But the real opportunity for coins comes in the bonus coins opportunities.  Click on the star at the bottom with the word "Anywhere" underneath it and it will give you a ton of ways to earn bonus coins.  Some are as simple as entering your email address to sign up for a newsletter (remember, secondary address), watching a video or downloading a free app.  You should be able to clean up here.

Recyclebank: 100 points

And we're back!  My apologies for not leaving the out of office message.

Back to the 80's at Recyclebank!  Earn 100 points for clicking on each of the 80's eco tips.  Bonus points (not really) if you do it while listening to "Come on Eileen."

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Coke Rewards: Free bonus points for entering Coca-Cola caps

Many thanks to Justin at the great travel blog InaCents for pointing me to a bunch of MCR bonus codes.  It appears that these codes work for red caps (Coca-Cola regular products).  Simply enter a code with a red cap and you'll get a bonus 10 points, courtesy of Mission Foods.  The codes are:

073731082027 Mission Tortilla Triangles 
073731008607 Mission Dip - Cheddar Cheese
073731008690 Mission Mild Chunky Salsa
073731009543 Mission Salsa - Medium Chunky
073731009789 Mission Dip - Guacamole with Garden Vegetables

Friday Freebie: 7-11 Slurpee

I've never actually had one of these, but I am looking forward to trying my first Squishy.  To get your freebie, type Slurp7 to 711711.  Good through April 30, so hope for warm weather.

Recyclebank: 40 free points

Thanks to H4F for pointing to this link which gets you a quick 40 points.  That's all.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pampers Gifts to Grow adds "Grow On"

Thanks to Kipper on FT, who pointed to to the new Grow On program at Pampers Gifts to Grow.  Under the program, you get credit for entering at least one code per month, excluding bonus codes.  Obviously, those without really little people will have a more difficult time taking advantage of this program, although you may be able to pick up a code or three through Listia.  Prizes aren't great, mostly related to Shutterfly, but it's better than nothing.  Enjoy.

My Coke Rewards Wedensday Deal: Nike $25 gift card for 860 points

Unlike so many recent deals, today's is actually a good one, giving you 25% off the normal price of a Nike gift card.  The deal is good even if you don't need shoes: Cardpool, and possibly other gift card sale sites, will give you $18.25 for the e-gift card, valuing points at just over two cents per point.  Not as good as if you are buying Cokes with your points, but better than, say, that Coca Cola scrunchy that you've been dying to get your hands on.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recyclebank: 100 points

Recyclebank is another program that often has a good "beginning of the month" promo.  In this one, we get to go back to the 70s.  To make up for that excruciating journey, you can earn 100 points here by clicking on ten bubbles.

Best Buy: Daily points

What would a month be without Best Buy points?  Well, actually, it would be like pretty much every other month through last December.

Disney Movie Rewards: Monthly points

Disney came a little earlier than normal this year, so check your email for your free points newsletter.  I earned six points this month.

Come to think of it, I'm going to have to look through the prizes one of these days.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pampers Points: 10 points

Thanks to Saas on FT, who is dialed in to these as soon as they hit.  Enter the code FB1DSPWUEA45D13  here.

Stouffers: 10 points

Ah, the first of the month and no April Fool's joke today.  Last year's was fun: I opened a jar of mayonnaise in front of my wife and just started scooping it out and eating it off the spoon.  She almost gagged until I told her that I had emptied the jar out the day before and refilled it with vanilla pudding.

Oh, yeah, the real stuff: It's the first of the month, so head over to Stouffer's to get your 10 points for a quick poll and survey.