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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mobee: Finally expanding to Chicago, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, San Jose and DC!

Finally!  My single favorite reward program, Mobee, is expanding out of Boston.  Their initial forays will be at Costco, Walmart and Target in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington DC.  My impression is that these are trial runs to see how the cities take them, so if you live in one of these cities, I highly, highly recommend signing up.

As a reminder, Mobee is an app that allows you to do a quick (1-2 mins), multiple choice review of restaurants and retail and pays pretty decently to do so.  I've earned almost $200 since I downloaded the app in January and do almost no work with it.  Certain reviews pay more if you buy something, but I've never seen a location that did not have at least a couple of options that don't involve buying anything.  "Missions" range from $.25 to $5.00 each and never take more than two minutes.

To sign up, go to Mobee on your phone and download it.  That's it.  Full disclosure: We each get 300 points if you use referral code BKLZ when you sign up (which translates to $3) and I definitely appreciate it, but earning 300 points can also be done at a local restaurant/retailer in a matter of minutes, also.

Happy hunting!

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