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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Starbucks and Checkpoints updates

Earlier in the year, I decided that I was not going to pay a penny out of pocket for my daily Starbucks habit this year.  And so far, it's worked.  I'm currently at $50 on my card.

The latest addition was my $25 gift card from Checkpoints.  The card arrived by snail-mail about a week after I requested it.  When I first started with the "get-paid-to" apps, I figured that Checkpoints would be my primary app and Shopkick my back-up.  But, as Shopkick has improved the program by offering frequent bonus promos and the ability to get points by scanning, while Checkpoints has basically stood still, SK has moved into the pole position.  Checkpoints opportunities are just too spread out for scanning.

On the other hand, Checkpoints has something that SK doesn't: the bonus game.  You'll win 20 points every four spins or so and 50 points less frequently than that, but the points begin to add up.  You get one bonus spin for every item you scan.  But the real opportunity for coins comes in the bonus coins opportunities.  Click on the star at the bottom with the word "Anywhere" underneath it and it will give you a ton of ways to earn bonus coins.  Some are as simple as entering your email address to sign up for a newsletter (remember, secondary address), watching a video or downloading a free app.  You should be able to clean up here.

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