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Monday, June 3, 2013

First of the month! Stouffers, Pampers, My Coke Rewards, other tasks

Ah, my favorite freebie day of the month, the first.  As a certified geek, I have a reminder set up for the first of the month to make sure I do my "tasks" for the month.  They include:

1) 10 free points at Stouffer's for answering a few questions in the polls.  Also, make sure to check your dinner hub to see what your monthly offer is.  Mine is $1 off of two meals.

2) I try to put in a code for each My Coke Rewards account that I manage, just to keep the account going.  The points expire after a certain amount of inactivity.

3) If you are collecting Pampers Points for the special offers based on consecutive months of entries, now is a good time to enter one.  If you need points, check out Listia.

4) For those who are playing the miles game, don't forget to do your Amazon Payments transfer as well as a transfer to Bluebird to serve as your Direct Deposit for the month.

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