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Monday, July 15, 2013

Seventh Generation: New EcoBonus program

And, in today's "blast from the past" category, we are featuring Seventh Generation, one of the worst programs in the history of loyalty programs.  The new program, EcoBonus, actually looks a little better, although it would be hard to be worse than the previous iteration.  So far, the best thing about the program seems to be the wide array of rewards, literally thousands of them, but I'm not sure about the quality: 53 points seems to be a lot, for instance, for a Rand McNally map of Montana and Wyoming.  If you subscribed to the old program, you should have a link in your email for the new one.  Mine also included a code for 15 points: 6XD8X6MJCNFW.  I can't verify, though, if that code is unique or good for multiple people.

On the plus side, there are movie tickets as possible rewards.  I'm running low.

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