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Monday, September 23, 2013

Old Orchard Juice games: Easy points

Old Orchard isn't one that I write about too often, since there aren't a lot of free code promos.  But there does appear to be an easy (and sometimes fun) way to generate points.

First, check out the list of opportunities here.  If you haven't signed up for the alerts, that's your first way to get easy points.  But number 2 on the list is the games.

The games offer multiple opportunities for points.  First, you get 10 points for every game you play, once per hour.  But you also get additional points if you do well at the games, and most don't take much practice to finish in the top three.  Join a tournament (or start one of your own and earn 10 points) and play.  For every player in the tourney, 10 points are added to the pool.  When the tournament is over, 1st place gets 50% of the points, with the net two getting 30% and 20%.  Given how many people enter and how badly they play, it shouldn't be hard to pick up a few.

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