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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out of office through Monday

If it looks like I have been posting a lot of OoO notices recently, well, it's because I have.  I'm in the middle of a pretty busy travel period and I can't get PGary's cats to update my website.  This weekend, I'm off to DC with the kiddies.  Can't wait to show them the zoo, the Air and Space Museum and all the other, oh, wait, never mind.

I never get political on the blog, but it does strike me as obscene that Congress still gets paid through the shutdown (although some members will voluntarily surrender their paychecks, much like at a TSA checkpoint).  Maybe I'll let my Congress-critter explain to my kids why my kids can't go to the zoo.

On a brighter note, I did go to a conference yesterday where the CEO of Dollar Shave Club spoke.  If you haven't seen his (SFW) viral video, I suggest you watch it now.  Just try to keep the laughter to a minimum.

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