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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I need your help! Please respond if you can.

I recently checked statistics and noticed that I have been averaging over 100 visitors per day.  First, thank you!  My mother just can't hit the site that many times.

There's one problem: The format of the site kind of sucks.  This was my first blog and blogger is the easiest program to use, but it doesn't give you much in terms of creativity.  

Thus, I'm considering moving this over to my hostgator platform and moving it to Wordpress, where my site doesn't suck quite as much.  Hopefully, the Wordpress format would look a little nicer.

Does anyone have comments, observations, etc.?



  1. I think that it really depends - are you looking to further monetize your site? Are you looking for the site to be easier to update? The current format works well for me. I do pull it up every day to see if there are some small points to get.

    I do appreciate the work that you put into the site and I did sign up through your link for shopkick.

    BTW - how is the never paying for coffee this year going?

  2. Format doesn't bother me but if you want to move, just let us know!

  3. It's bare bones, but it works. Thanks for all the work you do!

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  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I have another site on wordpress for frequent flyer beginners (those who are looking to learn about miles and how they work, not as sophisticated as others), so I could migrate this one over. Monetization is not actually key for me. It's fun to see the occasional clicks, but I'm never going to have the kind of earnings that the credit card bloggers do. And that's not a comment on credit-card hawking; frankly, I'm kind of jealous that they can do what they do, but it wouldn't be as much fun for me.

    Katherine, the coffee is going well. I will admit that I paid $5 for the $10 Groupon, so technically, I'm out $5 for coffee this year, but that's not too bad. I'm still able to get coffee most days. Mobee and Shopkick have been huge for me, Checkpoints not as much. And thanks for the sign-up! :) We have a lot of similar interests and will have to chat off-line sometime about the stock market (can't do it here, since i have a work conflict).

    Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm going to keep it as is for now, but may migrate if I find an easy way to do so.

  6. "We have a lot of similar interests and will have to chat off-line sometime about the stock market (can't do it here, since i have a work conflict)."

    Sure - you have my twitter address or you can contact me at KathinJax on FT or MP.

    I recently moved to a swing trade/momentum trading strategy. It went really well for a while, then I hit a rough patch. It has started to turn around - I do seem to have more winners and have learned to cut the losers quicker. But it is definitely very different from the buy & hold strategy!

  7. I read your blog via RSS, so format is moot for me.