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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mobee: Survey

Mobee users, check your email for a short survey.  They are offering free points to take it and it only lasts a few minutes.

Pampers Gifts to Grow: 60 points

Now that's a nice way to start off the new year!  Go here and enter:


Kellogg's: 40 points

Taking lessons from the airlines, Kellogg's Family Rewards rejiggered its web site and actually made it more difficult to use.  40 points here for the following two codes:


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pampers Gifts to Grow: 10 points

Hey, want 10 points?  Don't we all.  Well, I've got them for you.  Head here and enter code FBWTDEAWMA25H13.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Disney movie rewards: five points

And the next code is... (drumroll please): CTC24VY!  The winner should come up and collect their five points.

And we're back! Disney Movie Rewards: five points

And we're back!  It will be a slow ramp but I'll catch up.  In the meantime, today's five point DMR code is CTC23EM.  Enjoy!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Out of Office notice until 12/23

Hi guys,

So I will be gone with no internet access until 12/23.  There will probably be Disney points every day after noon, so please don't forget those.  Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Recyclebank or Pampers points for the holidays, so make google your friend.  Have a great week!

Disney Movie Rewards: 5 points

Here you go! CTC128

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards: 5 points

Sorry all, was out for a family emergency over the past couple of days.  But I'm back, and today's 5 point code is CTC11E.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards: 5 points

Love these five point codes.  Today's is CTC91B.  Enter it here.

Plink: Earn free points for everyday spend in stores (easy)

I may be the last blogger to write about Plink, mostly because I don't have a lot of experience with it, but in case you have been living under a rock without blogs, here it is.  It's actually a pretty good program.

It's also a simple program: They give you a list of participating merchants.  You attach your credit card to your plink account (only one card, but I believe you can change it).  Whenever you buy something at one of the merchants, they give you points based on how much you spent.  The points can be traded in for gift cards, miles, etc.  My experience with them has been good.  Think of it as the dining for miles type programs, except that it's shopping for points.

Note: You can still get your credit card bonuses in addition to the Plink points.  For instance, if you use a Chase Ink card at Staples, you will get your Plink points in addition to 5X UR points.

I really like these programs where there is no downside.  And yes, I do receive a referral bonus if you sign up using my link here-I get 100 points, which I think is worth a dollar, which will go a long way toward rounding out my collection of Phineas and Ferb dolls.

Kellogg's Family Rewards: 25 points

25 points and a nice holiday message.  Unless you don't like your family.

Go to KFR and enter code HOLIDAYSTOGETHER.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards: 15 points

One of the nice things about Fridays in December is that Disney gives a weekend code, meaning you get 15 points and have all weekend to enter it.  Might as well do it now.  Code is CTC678ED.

Starbucks: Free $5 gift card for Verizon or AT&T customers

From our friends at Hunt4freebies, check out this link to Ting, which promises to offer better pricing on cell phone service and is giving you a $5 Starbucks gift card to find out.

Speaking of Starbucks, I'm in pretty good shape to have gone the whole year having paid only $5 out of pocket for my Starbucks (I bought a $5 Groupon for $10 of coffee and will likely end the year with more than the original $5 on my card.  Does that count?).  The biggest providers of my free coffee were Mobee, Shopkick and Checkpoints, in that order.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ibotta: CVS and movies added

I consider Ibotta the weakest of the three programs mentioned in this post, given the limited network of merchants, but they added a few movie theater chains and CVS today, which broadens things up a bit.  Only certain movies will get you cash, but it's worth a peek.

Disney Movie Rewards: Five points

Today's code is CTC5BD.  Enjoy it while you can!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Points: Easy free stuff

If you haven't signed up for MyPoints already, this is a good time to do so.  MyPoints is your typical pay to click, pay to take surveys, etc. type site, but it does have the benefit of sending you occasional emails that you just have to click on for five free points.  I value points at a penny apiece.

Today is the last day of the "Holiday Spin 'n Win" game, which gives you free points for spinning their prize wheel once per day.  MP has promotions like this one often, so free points are easy to come by.

Full disclosure: if you use my link below, I get a dollar.  I'd say that I'd use it to buy my kids the new shoes that they need, but have you seen the price of kids' shoes recently?  Sheesh.

Join here: Join MyPoints NOW!

Disney Movie Rewards: five points

So you get a little more time on this one, almost 24 hours.  Today's code is CTC4VE.

Disney Movie Rewards: 5 points

Good until noon today: CTC3E2

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards: Countdown to Christmas

There's a reason someone called it the most wonderful time of the year.  From now until December 25, DMR is offering five points per day at  I"m still not exactly sure what the purpose of Pinterest is, but if they're gonna give me five points per day, I'm all mouse ears.  The code changes at noon each day.  No guarantee on what time I get to it, so keep your eyes open.

Added bonus: the monthly points email went out today.  I got five points.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pampers Points to Grow: 30 points

Two free codes for Pampers Points, 15 points each:

Disney Movie Rewards: five points

Another easy one.  Enter CTC2NM at Disney for your five points.

Recyclebank: 10 points

More easy points.  Pick up 10 points here.

It's a new month, so do your December tasks!

That's right, we've made it to December.  So I get to flip a page on the calendar and see a new picture of the kids.

Oh, it's also time to do your December tasks.  That's right, the things that earn you free points each month.  Sadly, it appears that Stouffer's has dropped the surveys/polls on its site, so there goes an easy 10 points.  But there's others.  Well, not really.  In a few days, you'll receive your Disney email giving you a few points for opening the link.

If you're into Amazon payments and Bluebird, remember, the month has started over.

Listia: Cyber Monday referral bonus

My favorite "bid for points" site, Listia, is offering a Cyber Monday special: get two referrals today and get 2,000 points.  If you haven't signed up, I'd recommend it any day of the year, but particularly today.