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Friday, January 17, 2014

Checkout 51: Like Ibotta, only way, way better; cash back for purchasing select items

Every so often I get an app that offers cash for scanning/buying items that gets me a little turned on.  Previously, it was Ibotta, even though Ibotta is a bit clunky (only certain stores, you have to select offers before choosing them, etc.).  Checkout 51 solves a lot of those problems.

Checkout gives you a list of items that are offering cash back.  If you buy one, you scan your receipt afterward and they'll credit you.  That's it.  No adding offers, no picking particular stores.  You can buy any of the products at any store.

Some are easy.  For instance, buying a dozen eggs (any brand, any store) gets you $.50.  Uploading your first receipt of at least $20 gets you $2.  Others may not be as common but offer more money back.  You get the idea.

Added bonus: There's nothing that prevents you from using coupons.  You don't do anything until after the purchase.

Offers are uploaded on Thursdays and expire on Wednesday, so you'll get new ones each week.  Take a photo of your receipt by Wednesday expiration for the cash.

Bottom line: It's free and easy.

And thanks to for turning me on to this deal.

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