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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is the My Coke Rewards Wednesday deal dead?

Much like the airline passenger who complains, "the food is terrible and there isn't enough of it," I'm somewhat saddened that it appears that the MCR Wednesday deal program is dead.  True, the deals were rarely any good, but every once in a while, a useful one popped up.


  1. I was wondering too, so I researched and found this shared on a forum dated 12/26/13:
    Thanks- you just added 50 points
    So you have ___ points to spend.
    It’s been fun and we’ve loved sharing our Wednesday Deals with you, but unfortunately, like all good things, the Wednesday Deal program has come to end. We hope you continue to enjoy the perks of My Coke Rewards and take a moment to check out the all new My Coke Rewards Beta site for new ways to earn status and awards by participating in our social media challenges.