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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free after rebate Blu-ray DVD of "Frozen" good through tomorrow night

Topcashback, an online shopping site, has teamed up with Walmart, to offer a free DVD of "Frozen," subject to a few conditions.  Sign up for Topcashback here and, if you are a new member, you're eligible.

Clear your cookies and cache.

Type "Walmart" into the search engine on the site.  The first item will be a cashback exclusive.  Click on the orange button that says "Cashback."  On the next screen, click on the orange button that says "Get Cashback Now."  You'll be directed to Walmart's site.

Do a search for "Frozen."  You MUST order the one that costs $19.96, so scroll down a bit to that one.

Order the video.  You MUST pick it up at a FedEx store or a local Walmart store.  They'll give you a list of pick up options within your area.

In 60-90 days, you'll have your cash from TCB.  Hold onto your receipt and your order number, just in case.

And that's it.

Note: I receive a sign-up bonus if you earn at least $10 in cashback.  You will from this video.

HOWEVER: You may refer household members, friends, etc.  So if you have a spouse who wants a copy, parents, siblings, etc., they'll get a free copy of the video (Heck, sell it on eBay.) and you'll get $10 for everyone you refer.  Put both your names on the delivery and you should be able to pick it up (or just put your name on it).  Big referral bucks, lots of videos.


  1. This assumes that Topcashback will pay out on all of these claims! :)

  2. I gave it a shot. Hope it pays out. I was going to buy the DVD anyway, and I'll be going to WM anyway. So... it's not too much of a risk.

  3. @Wendy: As you know, I'm not a big fan of TCB, either, but this promo has been so well advertised that, if you have a receipt, you shouldn't have problems if you file a complaint. Can't guarantee the time frame, though. :)

  4. Thanks for this post!! Looks like the BlurRay +DVD+ Digital is sold out but they are now offering the DVD version that is selling for 14.96. Thanks again!