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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kellogg's: Ridiculous 1,000 point "bonus opportunity" and a collecting strategy

I received an email from KFR offering me 1,000 points for entering five codes from a variety of cookies or crackers products.  The catch (of course there's one) is that you need to enter the codes by Friday, meaning a lot of eating between now and then.  Unlikely.

There is a way to beat these promos, though.  I'm not normally a fan of hoarding reward codes, but for programs like My Coke Rewards or KFR, which frequently offer bonuses for entering codes from one category, it may make sense to keep the codes separate until a bonus appears.  You run the risk of points devaluing or a particular prize going away, but the devaluation will usually be more than made up for by the bonus.  Just a thought.

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