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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Listia: Birthday celebration

One of my favorite sites that I don't talk about much is Listia, a way to bid on items without using actual cash (Read the description here.).  Today, they're offering a birthday celebration with bonus credits for credits for completing certain tasks.  One is just clicking on a link to check in (50 credits) and one is finding the Listia banner, which I found on the confirmation page after I bid on something.  That one gave me 1,000 bonus credits.  Note that neither of the bonuses has shown up yet.


  1. ahhhhh I am having a terrible time finding the banner LOL......never popped up after bidding... :( WEIRD

  2. Sorry, I was hoping it would be in the same spot for everyone. After I bid, it was on the right side of whatever page it took me to.