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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On Credit Card Deals...

I made a conscious decision a while ago to take only minimal steps to monetize this blog.  While I do get some revenues from Google Adsense clicks and the occasional program referral, the money is truly minimal (averaging under $10 per year).  This site is a hobby for me.  I get to be snarky and write whatever I want, while finding free points for items that I may never use anyway.  It's all part of the fun for me, and I love it.  Once I start trying to generate revenue on a constant basis, it becomes work.  Remember when you were forced to read a book for school?  Kind of took away from the enjoyment, didn't it?

Great books that we read in school that are so much more fun when they're not assigned: The Good Earth, The Westing Game.

Having said all of the above, I am not immune to the siren song of credit card affiliate links, either.  To that end, I have teamed with to offer credit cards at my other site,, a site for novices to frequent flyer programs (i.e., if you have >100 posts at Flyertalk, this site may be too basic for you.).  It's a third-party site, so I don't make as much as the big guys do, but it's something.

The link to my credit card affiliate site is here.  If you are considering any cards, I'd be grateful if you'd take a look there.  There are different banners for different types of cards.

And that's it.  That will be the last mention of this affiliate site here and any future references to credit cards will be entirely incidental.  Since I started this blog in 2011, I have had nine posts that mentioned the words "credit card," and I'm guessing that will be about the same number going forward.

Thank you again for taking the time not only to read today's missive but this blog in general.  It's nice to know that something I write is actually getting read.

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