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Friday, November 21, 2014

Treasure Trooper: Cash for surveys, other easy stuff

I can never remember if I have brought up Treasure Trooper before, so I'm doing it now, with a chance for you to earn unlimited, millions of, mucho, well, a fair amount of dollars, anyway.  I'm at just under $2,000 after a few years, but I don't do very much with it.  Note: I get twenty percent of my direct referrals' earnings (from the site, not my referrals) but I'll give you back anything you earn in December or January, as long as it is at least $1 in referral earnings.  You get $5 to sign up for free.

TT is a "get paid to (GPT)" site, that gives you money for doing surveys, filling out forms for marketers, etc.  It's a dollar here, two dollars there, but it will eventually add up.  Most of the "fill out the form" or "download the app" offers take only a minute and I delete anything I don't want (Goodbye, Kim Kardashian app!).  A few hints:

  • Clear your cookies before you do each offer.  It helps tracking.
  • Use a free voicemail service like Laser Voicemail to create a phone number.  That way, you can have a valid phone number that you never listen to.
  • Create an alternate (or three) email accounts so you don't get tons of spam in your regular account.
The other nice thing is that there are a bunch of "games within the game," including a treasure hunt and a "build your own dragon" game.  Enjoy.  You can sign up here.

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