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Sunday, May 31, 2015

And a quick favor to ask...

So I have a quick favor to ask, and it will help both of us:

Several months ago, a company was nice enough to give me credit card links so that I could make my fortune and retire a wealthy man, rolling in bags of money.  Funny how that works. Late last year, I read an article about the TSA confiscating a child's toy. The parent of that child used the publicity to start a campaign to get people to donate toys to charity, so I decided that any money I get from links will go to a charity.

Bookmark this page.  Really.  Next time you need a credit card, apply through the link above (It helps to clear your cookies before using the link.). I'm also happy to rebate the entire commission to you, as long as you let me know when you applied for it and what you applied for.

A couple of things:

1) You may have heard about the hundreds of dollars the bloggers get from the credit card companies.  So have I.  Alas, I have to go through a third party that takes a healthy chunk of the commission from me, so you won't get rich either from the applications.  But it's enough to buy a kid new shoes.

2) I have no way of identifying who is actually approved for a card, just that there was an approval.  And occasionally, cards get approved through my site without generating a commission.  Usually, it has to do with stored cookies, but sometimes, well, I don't know enough about these referral programs to know why bad things sometimes happen.  In other words, it is, as Billy Joel would say, A Matter of Trust.

And that's all.  Any questions, hit me at  Otherwise, here's the link once again.


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