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Monday, June 15, 2015

Uber and Lyft: Sign-up bonuses

If you are one of the nine remaining people in the world who haven't signed up for Uber or Lyft ride services yet (There were only about 12 people left when I signed up, so don't feel bad.), here are a couple of reasons to do so: free credits.

I used my Lyft credits today, since they expire in a couple of days.  I found the drivers to be a bit more interactive with Lyft than Uber and the prices a touch cheaper (no surge pricing during rush hour today, for instance).  On the other hand, there are more Uber drivers and the app is a little more  user-friendly.  But on a the third hand, we each get the credits below if you sign up with my referral code.  Nothing like a couple of free rides.

Lyft: MICHAEL918142 ($30)
Uber: michaelf1649 ($20)

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