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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Coke Rewards Annoyance and the Lost 25 Days of Christmas

MCR has a new game out. Enter a code, click the button and get told that you didn't win. The game may be called "Boxes of Joy," but I've found it to be boxes of something else not suitable for public printing.

Be careful with this one: It tells you to enter a code from one of your caps, but if you use the code to play, you don't get points for it. Instead, see the rules here, in particular, Rule #3, sub-category b. It gives you a link to play for free and, while previous Coke contests had capped you at five free entries per day, this one caps you at forty. So I played forty times. And lost forty times. It didn't cost me anything except some time and the feeling in my typing fingers. I could play using the other accounts in my household, but why bother?

Disney Movie Rewards usually does the "25 days of Christmas" starting in December. It has not been announced this year. Too bad. The promo gave five points per day, so it was a good way to accumulate a bonus or two.

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