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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Coke Rewards: Bonuses on Small Products

This is a promotion that even Donald Trump could love. MCR is offering a bonus for those with small hands: Buy one of Coke's "small pack" products and they'll give you bonus points, ranging from 6 - 20, depending on the size you buy. Beverage companies are pushing smaller bottles as a "healthier" alternative to their larger products. Sadly, the same chemicals are in each.

This promotion is kind of a pain in the neck, as well. Not only do you need to buy at a participating retailer but you also have to link your store's loyalty card. If your retailer does not have a loyalty card, tant pis, as the French would say.

And finally, remember this: On a per unit basis, those smaller bottles are way more expensive than their larger brethren.

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